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Natural Organic-Natural is always best for common problems:
Here are tips for avoiding mosquitoes, for helping dry skin, & for aromatherapy.      

Tips for some natural solutionsThere is help for dry skin!

* On the inside:
  Drink lots of water.

* On the surface:
  Use gentle non-drying real soap like my goat milk soap.
Apply one of my gentle all-natural lip balms throughout the day.
Use my "Rescue My Skin" Balm on dry areas every evening and whenever else it is needed. If you use my "Rescue..." Balm on your feet, please wear a pair of of spa socks so that you do not slip and fall.

* In the environment:
  Put a pan of water on your heat registers ( This is the frugal way - many people just buy humidifiers ) to hydrate the air and your skin.

Summer Help for Mosquito Time Again !

* This was sent to me by E-mail *
I am only including the most natural hints that were given.

"OK, mosquitoes... prepare to be repelled!
... Bob takes a B-1 tablet a day April-Oct.
He's had 0 mosquito bites in 33 years.
B-1( Thiamine Hydrochloride 100 mg.)
* Stop eating bananas for the summer & the mosquitoes will be less interested in you.    ...
* Plant several marigolds and citrosa (it's in the geranium family) around the yard, they give off a smell that these bugs do not like.
* Also, plant some in the garden to help ward off bugs without using insecticides.    ...
One of the best natural insect repellants someone discovered is made from clear-real-vanilla. * This is the pure vanilla that is sold in Mexico. It works great for mosquitoes and ticks, don't know about other insects.
***** When all else fails, get a frog ! *****
***** Even better, invite a few bats over ! *****

Fight West Nile Virus -pass this along to all of your friends in 'Skeeter land'. "

Also try this article in: Mother Earth News

Some well known scents that have been known to work great for Aromatherapy:

Lavender = calming influence

Peppermint = invigorating

Here are two links for more information:
An Aromatherapy Overview from Aromatherapy.com

Aromatherapy information on Wikipedia.com

I am a member of the
Natural Ingredient Resource Center seal of approval

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